MMI Specializes in....

All of your miscellaneous metals needs.  Stairs, Railings, Ladders, Canopies, Catwalks, Mezzanines, Roof Screens, etc. 

Located in Frederick, MD

serving the Washington, Baltimore, Northern Virginia and Richmond market as well as the Mid-Atlantic region.

Custom Metal Fabrication and Erection

Miscellaneous Metals, Inc., is a manufacturer of quality steel products used in the commercial building construction industry.  We custom fabricate a wide variety of miscellaneous steel components.  We cover the industry’s needs where miscellaneous metals fabrication is specified. Frequently we serve as a subcontractor, providing erection as well as fabrication services.

A Top-Rated Fabricator and Team Member

Located in Frederick, Maryland—45 miles from Washington and Baltimore—Miscellaneous Metals serves the building industry throughout the Mid-Atlantic region with our fleet of delivery and service trucks.  We also ship our products nationally and internationally.

Our capabilities are particularly valued on design/build projects, where our cost-saving efficiency and flexible scheduling enable us to be of maximum service!  We cordially  invite your investigation of our capabilities and credentials, and we would appreciate the opportunity to serve you on your next project.



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Miscellaneous Metals, Inc.
5719 Industry Lane, Frederick, Maryland 21704
LOCAL:   301-695-8820     FAX:  301-663-4616 
   TOLL FREE: 800-492-7828

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